Welcome to BD Retro Mods!

I’ve been modifying and restoring video game consoles for awhile now.  I decided to start BD Retro Mods in November 2021 from my own needs of wanting better and more affordable controllers for my various retro video game consoles.  I wanted to make these available to the retro gaming community as well as it is getting harder to find certain original controllers in great working condition.  

I have been on various podcasts over the years and am a co-host of the weekly Retro Bliss Rewind podcast, which can be watched every Tuesday at 8:00pm EST on YouTube.  I was also recently featured in Issue #39 of Old School Gamer Magazine.   

I continue to grow BD Retro Mods with new controllers and accessory options as a hobby to help keep parts of video gaming history still playable.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at bdretromods@gmail.com.

-  Brian